Anna-Maria and Ralf 

Anna-Maria & Ralf have a long-lasting career in Swing dancing and teaching. In 2016, they got married, and since then, they have shared their passion for swing dancing and their lives. In 2012, they started their first classes together. They are well known for their unique partnership, flow and smooth Balboa style. But they also love to swing out and do the Lindy Hop, twist their feet in Charleston and play around in Authentic Jazz.
Anna-Maria explored ballet and other dances since her childhood before becoming infected with the fun of Swing Dancing. She also has an apprenticeship in Yoga.
Ralf was playing Badminton in his childhood until he started swing dancing in 2007. He has taught Lindy Hop and Balboa since 2010 in Leipzig and helped build the scene.
2014 Anna-Maria & Ralf founded their “Swing Dance Leipzig” studio, teaching Lindy Hop, Solo Jazz and their favourite dance, Balboa, in weekly classes and weekend workshops. They successfully placed at several Balboa competitions in Europe and the US in 2017 and started teaching at international events.
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